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An App A Day | Part 1

Development, App, Flutter2 min read

Hey there,

"With great power comes great responsibility".
Meaning: Now that I have a blog I need to entertain y'all. I intend to do so.

So I thought about a fun project to do and write about. And a fun project needs a fun name, right? And this is how 'An App A Day' was born.*

> What is 'An App A Day'?

I will try to create a workflow that allows me to ship a new app after one day of work.

> Say what?

I'm serious. I want to be able to deploy Cross-Platform Mobile Applications to the Stores within eight hours of work.

> What's your Motivation?

2016 I released my first personal app. This was huge for me. I was working on it for months. But looking back, most of the work I did was't creating value for the user. Instead I was setting up things, creating UI elements, building navigation paths, et cetera. To be honest, I didn't take it the easy way because I was implementing a custom framework on the go, but that's a different story.

In 2017 I joined a digital agency. Since then I have worked on 40+ different projects creating mobile apps and web applications in various sectors. In these past years I gained a lot of experience that I would like to implement in 'An App A Day'.

But we are talking about motivation... I really enjoy creating things people inspire. My time is limited and I want to spent this time with valuable unique work that creates this inspiration.

The goal 'eight hours for an app' is extreme and somewhat symbolic. It's not my intention to release one-day apps to the app store regularly. But i want a fundament, that would allow me to release a simple but complete app (e.g. a calculator) to the Play- and App Store. That would allow me to spend my time on valuable features.

> So, what's next?

Since I have not begun setting up this fundament, I will start from scratch. While doing so I will be blogging about my thoughts and decisions.

I am doing this in my free time and for myself. So stay tuned, but be patient.

In my next blog I'll be writing about some basic requirements I have for 'An App A Day' and why I decided to use Flutter.

Stay hungry, Stay foolish

*I later had to learn that I am not as original as i thought i am, ... and the term was already used in Family Guy. Okay.

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